About us

Operation Team Room (OTR) is a way for us to express our history, our roots, and our metal. Over the course of our careers, we’ve benefited from a brother and sisterhood that is unlike any other. Through real-world special operations that tested the boundaries of reality to the rapid development of new and highly capable equipment and techniques, OTR founders have experienced it all. 

Through the decades one key element helped keep us sane and connected, the Team Room. Through our Team Room discussions, parties, ceremonies, and shenanigans we all learned a lot about ourselves and our team mates. We want to keep that going and to introduce lots of other cool parts of what we are today.

Join us as we work to bring teams, companies, citizens, friends, and families closer together with lots of cool things to keep life fun, inspiring, and exciting. 

Unite your unit with operationteamroom.com.