So what is OTR anyway?

In the military, where many of us here at Operation Team Room (a.k.a. OTR) began our working lives, we formed a bond with our teammates who became our friends over the years by meeting up in the place we called “the team room”. In this coveted place, we spent time discussing all the things important to us at that moment in time. We talked about family, friendships, what went right or wrong with an operation, what we did or didn’t like about the command, the decisions, or the future outlook of things. Many great solutions were designed in the team room, some took root and most were just good ideas, but in the end, the team room became the place to share, create, vent, develop, and —most of all— forge friendships for life. 

Join us on our journey to keep the team room concept alive and well and to help everyone enjoy the unity a team room brings to every workplace and unit!

  • So what is a Team Room Anyway?

    The team room helps everyone in a small business, company, unit, or team bond and support one another better by creating a place to gather, tell stories or jokes, get to know each other better, relax after a hard day’s work...

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  • Rough Men Stand Ready

    The words hold meaning for all military, law enforcement, and civilian first responders who are ready to answer the call at any time of the day or night to protect fellow countrymen, servicemen and civilians from any foe...

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