So What Is a Team Room Anyway?

So What Is a Team Room Anyway?

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The "team room"... you may have only heard of it. Or you may be very familiar with it. In case you are not well-acquainted with this concept, and you're wondering, "what is a team room anyway?", here we bring to light the particular, memorable space, and why it finds itself still in a prominent place in our professional and personal lives, as it once did in previous careers, and why this new endeavor called Operation Team Room exists in support of and celebrating within it. 

Across the nation and overseas many who have served in various military commands and certainly a special operations unit remembers the “team room” and all the memories made there, good and bad. Not only was it a place to discuss operational plans prior to a mission, but also the place to celebrate success after a mission. Or to remember those who did not make it back from an important mission. And if your team was so inclined, perhaps to drink a well-earned beverage together as you finished up another hard day at the office.

To best answer the question "what is a team room?" in short, the team room was a special place on active duty, and now many of us, we’ve carried the concept onto the other side of the fence in our post active-duty lives, and so can you.

Whether you’ve transitioned to the civilian side, are still serving on active duty, or have never been in the military a day in your life, the team room (literally or conceptually) helps everyone in a small business, company, unit, or team bond and support one another better by creating a place to gather, tell stories or jokes, get to know each other better, relax after a hard day’s work, or maybe recognize someone for a special achievement in front of their coworkers. The team room is a special place and has to look sharp, feel sharp, and stay sharp.

If you want to create a team room for you and your coworkers, then is your go-to place for everything needed to look sharp, feel sharp, and stay sharp.

No matter where you serve now, you can create a team room and outfit it with all the best memorabilia, gadgets, hardware, and drink accessories from Our Objective: Team Room brings together various concepts to deck out drinkware, signage, bar towels and t-shirts, all the things to help you make it yours, make it memorable. For the former Navy sailor or sailing enthusiast, we have Objective: Salty line with naval jargon to represent your ways on or around the water. For those of us supporting military, law enforcement, and first responders, our Rough Men Stand Ready line has perfect additions to place in our t-shirt rotation, to the truck's rear window, or your di-hydrogen monoxide containment vessel collection. Patriotic, history-appreciating, and active-lifestyle leading individuals will also find wares to make theirs for the team room and beyond.

Unite your unit, build your team room, set it up today!

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