What is an Objective?

At OTR, many of us planned, led, and participated in countless operations across the globe to keep America and her allies safe and free. During these operations, the accomplishment of the planned objectives for each mission was what constituted mission failure or mission success. Objectives could be capturing enemy personnel, rescuing hostages, controlling territory, destroying infrastructure, gathering intelligence, or a combination of all of these. Objectives were named to allow us to communicate effectively when that part of the mission was complete.

Our mission today is to help you achieve success through OTR’s new Objectives (aka collections) to outfit you and your team room. Whether you want to show your colors by sporting a patriotic or notable/quotable t-shirt or hat, wrapping up some creative gifts for your friends or family, or outfitting your very own team room, bar, or your man/woman cave, OTR has all the objectives covered.

Check out our current collections and stay tuned for more and more objectives to come out in our mission planning packages in the future.