Collection: Motivation

Sometimes you just need a little word to motivate you and keep you going. Sometimes it’s the word “HOOYAH”, the official battle cry of the U.S. Navy, and used hourly in EOD and SEAL training to keep everyone moving in a positive direction; or the word “HOOAH”, used by the Army and the Air Force as their battle cry and perhaps as a way of saying "heard, understood, acknowledged (HUA)," as some say is its roots; or perhaps the U.S. Marine word “OORAH”, derived from the way a klaxon horn sounds (Aa-ru-gha) on a submarine that once carried recon marines in WWII to secretly swim to the beach and is now used to motivate each other during training and all other types of missions.

These words and others like it keep us going, keep us motivated, keep us positive. Find your word, find your meaning, and display it for all to see and be encouraged. Be strong and stay strong with Objective: Motivation!